Afrojack paris dating

Afrojack Leaves Pregnant Girlfriend Of 2 Years For Paris Hilton

Is this New York party girl dating dj Afrojack?

Is Afrojack paris dating trying to become a thing again? Yesterday, Radar claimed that after six months, Paris Hilton had been dumped by her Dutch boyfriend, DJ Afrojack. Can Paris get dumped by a guy she was never really dating? DJ Afrojack tweeted last night: Not boyfriend and girlfriend? On Wednesday, reports claimed Hilton, 31, was dumped by Afrojack, 24, real name: Must be a slow news week that the media keeps making up these ridiculous stories.

Like DJ Afrojack and Paris hang out together and talk about what boys they like. Featured Links - Okja zfrojack You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Yeah, afrojack paris dating stop writing about her. Report this comment as spam or abuse. No more stories Report this comment as spam or abuse. Only exception is Lilo: I so want to hear the gossip on her Liz Taylor production, especially behind the scenes shenanigans with her Cooter.

No more Paris Hilton stories. Put her in the same category as Speidi. He has a baby daughter. Is that even possible for her? Uhh, he can have a child and be gay at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive. You can be gay and make a baby. Oh, afrojack paris dating the mighty have fallen. But now, deny deny deny…. Do us a favor Paris, and just fade away.

I was thinking the same thing. Not afrojack paris dating, it means that she paid for everything. Also, I hate those blue contacts she wears. She actually looks prettier with her natural brown eyes Report this comment as spam or abuse. Her eyes are brown?? They always looked bright blue. Her hair is datinng light brown, but I thought her eyes were hazel… Whatever, clearly, Ebola afrojack paris dating a natural beauty.

Last time I saw 2 old photos of her, they were a nice brown color. The bright atrojack make people look like aliens and also hide when your eyes are dilated …. Did she get Lindsay to afrojack paris dating her fake tan? Her legs are a mess in that first rating. She hired a lady assistant to travel with her to body spray all the gunk.

We must be stupid or afrojack paris dating to accuse her of actually boinking any guy out of wedlock. WTF is with her coachella outfit? She seems like she lives the same year over and over just with a different guy. Her life seems like a lonely waste. I thought Paris was a big racist… Report this comment as spam or abuse. She is too much of a vapid, self absorbed and selfish tw t to ever have a relationship.

She should just fade away… Report this comment as spam or abuse. Second to last photo her feet look Paros. Nice blotchy parls tan. That and racism and Vin Diesel and herpes not from Vin Deisel as far as I know are what I remember about her. Second pic looks like Human Barbie. They are both just trying afrojack paris dating get publicity. I KNOW I saw an interview with her where she stated he was her boyfriend.

I feel like you could take any picture of her afrojack paris dating and put it afrojack paris dating and nobody would know the difference. Or go away forever. Since they produce her garbage music? Paris Hilton with a black man? Hot Posts Sarah Huckabee Sanders on fake news Afrojack paris dating apartment to be renovated Who is Rihanna's mystery hottie? McAvoy afrojack paris dating awards season narratives Pharrell never changes triplets' diapers Sarah Huckabee Sanders on fake news Harry's apartment to be renovated Who is Rihanna's mystery hottie?

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