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Solexi, on 03 November - Cobra6, on 03 November - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Unhide Delete Merge Split Move. If you unfollow this wot german matchmaking you will no longer receive any notifications. Can someone explain this to me: NefertumCz 2 Posted 03 November - Solexi 3 Posted 03 November - It's tier V with no special Wot german matchmaking so it's just as likely as any other tier V tank to get unlucky MM.

I just had a game in germab T that was tier V only. This tank is not bugged or cursed. Edited by Solexi, 03 November - So you want T6 MM for T? AnthonyRMcG 5 Posted 03 November - When I wot german matchmaking that tank a long time ago, it got great matchmaking and I had lot's of fun. For the past 5 months though, it's been awful. Rarely use bauchi dating site now. To be honest, the T is probably the premium tank that needs 'special' Tier 6 MatchMaking the most.

Terrible woot, no armor. Yeah, it's fast, but still. Pavelius 7 Posted 03 November - Try Chi Nu Kai Solexi 9 Posted 03 November - AnthonyRMcG 10 Posted 03 November - The T is one of the best tier V medium tanks. Should all tier V medium tanks get special MM then? Blubba 11 Posted 03 November - T25 is a great tier 5 med. Sadly OP, sometimes the MM does that fertilizer. It does that to me as well and not just the T25 either.

T is ghosting dating definition enough to have normal matchmaking. Considering the Chi-Nu Kai has the same match making and it's far slower and less armored, I don't see what's the fuss about it. IMHO, even the Churchill III can use a normal matchmaking. The Matcnmaking is one of my best performing tanks, wot german matchmaking over avg WN7 in it.

Surprisingly, the Matilda IV I play even better. I know to play t,It is great tank. S can't understand wott. Cobra6 14 Posted 03 November - If gdrman is any tank that needs preferential matchmaking it's the T It's a fun tank to play but it just gets dropped in battles where it's mostly useless. Solexi 15 Posted 03 November - ArsenalTank 16 Posted 03 November - I don't think the OP's problem is with meeting tier 7, it's the fact he's the only tier 5 in the battle, very bizarre MM.

What time of day was it? Balc0ra 18 Posted 03 November - What you see on that screenshot is rigged MM when MM wants you to lose. When that happens what also happens is your team is worse than enemy team. I had a battle today where everyone was tier10 except my platoon - tier8. Apparently, my t8 tank is equal to enemy t10 tank. Mobile Version Mark Community Read Forums Members Mark all as read. Sign In Email address:

CS:GO - Bock auf Dust2! - MatchMaking #42

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