Hook up transformer 480 to 120

How to properly connect a Square D Low voltage transformer with voltage codes S1F or S3H, rated for 240 x 480 - 120/240 volts or 240V?

How do you wire for 480V - 120/240V on 1 phase S3 type transformer (e.g. EE37S3H)?

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Pageā€¦ Search Thread. Join Date Apr Location Minneapolis Posts The Owner has an existing V transformer that gets the voltage down to V. This xfmr is being relocated, specs on it are: See attached photo which includes a wiring diagram - not sure what to make of it. If I read it correctly there are two wires coming in, they will connect to H1 and H4 - no neutral wire, only the two phase wires.

Join Date Feb Location Connecticut Posts 2, For the V setup, X1 and X3 would be connected together, and X2 and X4 would be connected in parallel. Besoeker View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. Join Date Sep Location UK Posts 9, Originally Posted by hook up transformer 480 to 120 constant. Originally Posted by david luchini. Originally Posted by Besoeker. I think that might work better with X2 connected to X3 rather than to itself Join Date Nov Location Fort Collins, Colorado Posts 2, Now that the others have you up to speed on the connections, I might remind you of the need to have a GES and propering bonding for the derived secondary system.

That was my next question. Had my head in the code book before I looked up to see these responses. FYI I'm working with the NEC. This transformer will be relocated to the side of an existing woodframe garage. We will provide a new 60A MCB panel within the garage. Article has changed significantly since I last took a class on service grounding, so let me take my best guess as to what needs to happen.

Start with the outbuildings, they are easy. A grounding electrode shall not be required where only a single branch circuit supplies the building and the branch circuit includes an equipment grounding conductor. So no grounding electrodes required, correct? Just run an equipment grounding conductor to each device and we're good. Back to the garage: Looks like I must follow A 1 through A 8: Required, we will put it at the source. Not required as we have a system bonding jumper at the source [see A 1 ].

I interracial dating washington state a single ground rod as described in Connect 1 to 4. I am foregoing the disconnect on the primary side of this transformer, as there is a main disconnect on the new panel on the secondary side. The two outbuildings each will have one single-pole main disconnect switch as the service enters the building.

Man, this part of the code is confusing. Getting closer to understanding it. I think I have it right on this project. Please let me know if I am off on something. Personally, I always use the X2 to X2 connection Damn typos. Join Date Jul Location Texas by the Gulf, geat crab, great shrimp Posts 5, Join Date Jun Location Ohio Posts 20, Originally Posted hook up transformer 480 to 120 weressl. To be more accruate X2 and X3 connected together and bonded to the ground, thus becoming the 'neutral' conductor.

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