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Discussing Pisces men and commitment is a complicated issue that requires exploring a series of dating a married pisces man layers. Delving into the subject of Pisces men and commitment means understanding the depth of the Pisces personality, and "depth" really is the operative word. Almost no other astrological sign can really grasp the very deep feelings Pisces can have for another human being. That's because it's not only a love connection, but also a spiritual one. Pisces men want a soul mate, they want one for life and they will swim to distant shores to find that person.

Even time or having to wait for someone will not dissuade them from this search. It's their "reason to be". This emotional connection, and the search for this emotional connection, is the undercurrent of their lives. With so much feeling driving their lives, one may wonder if Pisces men cheat. The answer is yes, like any other sign, they do. This begs the question of why? The best way to keep infidelity at bay is to understand what Pisces men are attracted to in the first place. A few of these factors include the following.

The truth of the matter is that any sign can get along with a Pisces; they are that lovable. However, having a moonVenus or Mars placement in a water sign will be a huge help. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and dating a married pisces man Pisceans. Both Cancer and Scorpio swim in murky waters so they can more easily understand the emotional nature of the Pisces personality. Neptune is Pisces' ruler, and according to mythology, the ruler of the seas. At times, the seas are placid, calm and tranquil, dating a married pisces man at other times, they churn with violence.

An angry Pisces can be just as destructive. Once angered, Pisces can wreak havoc, and cut a path of destruction much like any other storm. It takes a lot to push Pisces to this level of anger; he usually just lets it sit and swirl within, but over time, the pressure builds and eventually has to be let out. Treat a Pisces man with the respect and kindness he deserves, and you'll never have to see this side. Additionally, keep in mind that Pisces usually takes his pain out on himself rather than others.

The topic of Pisces men and commitment means delving in the Pisces personality and swimming from one end of the spectrum to the other. Yes, he may cheat, but he doesn't have to. Traits like kindness, compassion, understanding, humor and fun will go a very long way with Pisces. If he sees these traits in you, he'll know there's no reason to stray.

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