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Interfaith couples face unique lifelong challenges

Set up your account. Purchase a digital-only subscription now for unlimited online access to local news and information. June 29, 1: In this Saturday, April 2, photo, Catherine Coppari, left, and Max Lipkin finish up their wedding invitations at their apartment in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Coppari and Lipkin's wedding will include elements of both of their faiths. In keeping with Coppari's Roman Catholic background, the minister will bless the rings. Lipkin will break a glass at the end of the ceremony, as is customary at Jewish weddings.

Coppari, 26, and Lipkin, 27, hope their married life also catholic dating bahai be a blending of both religions. More and more Americans are marrying outside their faith. Twenty-five percent of U. Inthe Pew Research Center released a survey saying 27 percent of Americans who were catholic dating bahai or living with a partner were in religiously mixed relationships. David and Laura Scott of Rapid City celebrated their first wedding anniversary in April.

David Scott said both religions share a common origin to Abraham, so there are a lot of similar roots as well as differences. Both catholic dating bahai believe in Jesus, but his faith believes there were manifestations after Jesus. Scott said he and his wife have talked about their future children and have decided that when they reach a certain age, they can make their own choice. He said his mother-in-law had some concerns before the marriage because it would not be recognized catholic dating bahai the Catholic faith.

Interfaith couples need to talk seriously before getting married about how they will practice their faiths, what religion they will teach their children and which holidays they will celebrate, according to religious advisers who counsel them. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb, an interfaith minister and counselor in New York City. Couples should develop a plan for pursuing their religions, said Rabbi Stuart E. Davis of Overland Park, Kan. They must answer the question: Each should think hard about what is important to them in their own religion.

Once both partners have shared their thoughts, they may have to work to find middle ground, said Ed Case, chief executive officer of InterfaithFamily. Too often couples focus on getting through the wedding rather than looking to the future, said Macomb, the New York minister. Questions about whether a child will have catholic dating bahai baptism, confirmation, bar or bat mitzvah, and attend religious school must be talked about ahead of time, the experts said. McSwain, an interfaith activist and former minister in Louisville, Ky.

Often, those marrying into another faith are willing to participate in religious celebrations that are important to their partner, Case added. Also important is talking honestly and respectfully with parents and other family members about potentially difficult religious issues. Macomb offers these tips:. He said an interfaith marriage will divide the home right down the middle. He believes that people who do marry outside of their faith are generally not serious about their faith, but that will catholic dating bahai.

He said he has watched people suffer tremendously because their spouses held different religious beliefs. He said the children of mixed-faith marriages also can become confused about what their faith ought to be. If you get serious about the Scriptures, you must either convince the partner of the authority of Scripture or you must go alone.

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Winds N at 10 to 20 mph. Tonight Partly cloudy catholic dating bahai with increasing clouds overnight. Winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph. Interfaith couples face unique lifelong challenges By Journal correspondent and wire catholic dating bahai May 28,

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