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I'm not talking about sites that just want my credit card or SS number, and I already know about Facebook. No wonder why no one swipes right on me. I keep forgetting I fail at both the first and second rules. Mine is just a bunch of not-very-serious shit. Ended it with a "ask me what's so fascinating about potatoes". I just find some random facts like the fact that they're the first vegetables to have been grown in space or something.

Pretty damn easy once you get the hang of it. Bio is completely secondary to any pictures. Bio advice is have a good picture. It's not about the words you write or even how attractive you are in real life, but photography can seriously make or break your swipe fate. Grindr, Adam4Adam, Manhunt, Hornet, Jackd, Scruff, Growlr, uhm I guess you can use Facebook and Tindr if you're desperate.

Isn't that the app where best dating app for hooking up reddit have to wait for girls to message you first? How well does that work out for a normal guy? Yeah, admittedly some girls never respond and then you lose the match - but the quality of women is top notch. You're not gonna have the matches pouring in like Tinder in its prime, but the girls, at least here in New York - well I'd say I swipe right 7 times out of 10 profiles. And I don't just mean physically attractive.

I mean best dating app for hooking up reddit classy, down to Earth, cool chicks. When I do get matches, the interactions are a lot better than the ones I've had on Tinder for some reason. I think part of it is less attention whoring. There are girls on Tinder who are just there for the ego strokes. I even had one Tinder girl straight up tell me she doesn't plan on meeting anyone off Tinder but was just bored and curious.

Whereas one of the last bumble profiles I read said "swipe left if you don't plan on actually meeting me. I just wish that whole thing would be changed and men were allowed to message first. But then that would alter the pool of women actually using the app and like I said - very satisfied with the women I've found on there. One con though is that it doesn't tell you when the girl was last active. So you don't know if the profile you're swiping on was last active five minutes ago or one month ago.

That needs to change. You had then lost me at not knowing when last they signed in. That's a best dating app for hooking up reddit issue. But in terms of quality, it's the best app. For me personally at least. Tinder is a dumpster fire. Hinge and happn don't have enough people to make it worth using tried both of those for a little and quickly deleted them. Bumble wins by default. It continues to amaze me, especially with Tinder trying to get greedy by making a paid version - that no other dating app has come out to try and cut into Tinder's shares.

Bumble could be that app if they cleaned some stuff up. But I'd still like an app that lets me message first, and has zero bots. They're almost all dental hygienists who went to a private high school and are part of best dating app for hooking up reddit yacht club. Maybe it's just the city I live in. For some reason it does seem like a significant number of Bumble girls are upper class.

But it's still better than the girls I swipe through on Tinder. And I'm not even kidding. Damn there's no bumble for android? Tinder used to be awesome a little over a year ago. Quality and quantity matches. Then the bots took dating novorossiysk. And I live in New York. And it's still bad for me.

Hopefully bumble will come to android soon. Tinder is hands down the best. Easier if you're vgl, but even if you're not its still pretty easy. Women care more about your social proof than how objectively good looking you are. Just don't act like a loser. The truth is its easy even if you're ugly as long as your standards aren't too high. Unless you're a douchebag with a bunch of pictures of your car and fish, then you're out of luck.

Fucc dude, that's just tough. Are you sure all your pictures are as flattering as possible? All it takes is potentially one bad picture to make a girl swipe left on you. Except it's usually some shark they caught. From what I've heard that's guys where I'm at too, but where I'm at is completely urban and filled with the opposite of rednecks.

I guess dumbass dudes are dumbass dudes. I've had the most success with tinder. But I know couples that have met on both match and plenty of fish. And that new app hapn seems like a cool idea, if I was single I would definitely try it out. Happn is too stalkerish for me. I don't like to be perceived having that much over someone and they me. It's disconcerting because there's a nap and distance down to a few hundred meters which means i can rely on this app to track people down to line of sight.

I've only heard about the concept but haven't seen the particulars of how it works because currently I am with someone met the old fashioned way, through a friend. There's this awesome app that's totally free and works like magic, it's called "Get off the couch and go meet some girls". Isn't that a site for gay guys?

I've heard about it, but I've inferred that it wasn't for straight people. Correct me if I'm wrong. Let's be fair here, you never specified you wanted a straight hookup app, grindr is the most likely to have people who aggressively want your dick. Throughout human history, dating has changed dramatically, and Americans today are increasingly looking for love online.

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Tinder App Sucks: 7 Best Dating Apps (w/ Jason Horton)

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