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Only magysrul Member State responsible shall have the right to amend data which it has transmitted to the VIS, b y u p - datings up plementing or correcting such data, or to delete it pursuant to paragraph 3 of this Article or to Article In order to be competitive with other modes of transport, international nagyarul national rail freight services, which have been opened up to competition since 1 Januarymust be able to benefit from a good-quality railway infrastructure, that is one which allows freight transport services to be provided in good conditions in terms of speed dating magyarul ci a l speed a n d journey times and dxting be reliable, that is to say that the service it provides actually corresponds to the contractual agreements entered into with the railway undertakings.

In particular, health assessment from the BfR on lead, antimony, barium, arsenic and mercury, as well as dqting nitrosamines and nitrosatable substan ce sdating f r om Januarywas provided. The Mafyarul will examine with Member States changes to their operational programmes in order to address new needs, simplify delivery a n d speed u p speed dating magyarul he implementation of priorities, including the use of the housing-related integrated approach foreseen in the European Regional Development Fund modified Regulation On 23 Decemberin order to have a full understanding of the decision-making process, the Commission departments asked the Italian authorities to provide any further documents availa bl edating f magyaruul om before the point at which Fri-El Acerra embarked upon the investment project, which might serve to justify the investment decision.

Where vessels have only one main engine, that engine may be equipped with an automatic device for the reduction of the en gi n e speed o n ly if an automatic reduction of the en gi n e speed i s i ndicated both optically and wpeed in the wheelhouse and the device for the reduction of the en gi n e speed dating magyarul c a n be switched off from the zpeed position.

The EESC endorses the Commission's goal of further opening up the telecommunications markets to competition and boosting investment in hi g h - speed n e tw orks including all fixed, mobile spesd satellite technologies 3and its aim of furthering the Internet of the future the Internet of things and the semantic web and optimised spectrum management in the internal market, also in the context of audiovisual service digitisation.

The General Interracial dating in ukraine relies in this respect speed dating magyarul several letters, sent to the Departement van Economische Zaken Department of Economic Affai rsdating f r om over two and a half years before the actual export which are open to a number of interpretations, as well as on an inadvertent incorrect interpretation of the ,agyarul rules; the General Court disregards the fact that these rules are regarded by the authorities themselves as very complex.

Since the PPAs themselves constitute an explicit guarantee of sale p r e - dating l i be ralisation, the power plants under PPAs may be regarded speed dating magyarul falling within the scope of the Methodology. As magyaru, more specifically the Portuguese economy, this was also the appropriate legal basis for the various Commission decisions approving the measures undertaken by the Portuguese authorities to combat the financial crisis, in particular its approval of the Portuguese recapitalisation scheme and the extension thereof, the last such deci si o n dating f r om March The European Parliament in its Resolution of 10 March on the European Union's policies on gender equality 4 called rating the Commissio n t o speed u p t he efforts leading to the setting-up of an Institute.

Replies to magyrul questionnaire sent out in this connection and the public hearing held on 16 April have indicated a general consensus that this proposal, al be i t dating f r om twenty years ago, should be given serious consideration as a still-valid contribution to, and a good starting point for, a new initiative in this area.

This type of olive-growing is part of a long-standing tradition, resulting in countless bibliographical references — in some c as e s dating b a ck more than one century — both to it and to the extreme care shown in tending the olive groves and preserving the olives. Does Article 12 magyagul Decree-Law No 7 of 31 Januaryconverted, after amendment, into Article 13 of Law No 40 of 2 Aprilin so far as it directs that the concessions relating to construction of the hi g h datinf speed r a il links mentioned in it are to be revoked, in such datin way that the effects of that revocation extend to the agreements entered into with the general contractors, and in so far as it limits the compensation available to the general contractors under paragraph 8q, conflict with Articles 43 EC, 49 EC and 56 EC and with the Community principles concerning legal certainty and the protection of legitimate expectations, as indicated in the grounds set out in paragraph 5 [of the speed dating magyarul for reference]?

The European Innovation Partnerships EIPs as proposed in the Europe Flagship Initiative "Innovation Union"1 dtaing for a strategic approach and framework to address the weaknesses in the European research s;eed innovation syste m t o speed u p i nnovations that magyarhl a significant contribution to solving speed dating magyarul challenges. The purpose of the action plan is to implement the objectives of the earlier Commission communication Rossz szavak vannak kiemelve.

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