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I have been separated for 3 years and have decided I would like to meet someone. I joined POF because I wanted to keep my photo private. It is just a short chat with two other participants - irish dating sites guy and one lady. What the dating scene is like at moment and how times have changed as so many people use the sites now. Afellasmum, Now if he claims he was on pof for friends haha then seriously doesnt he have friends?

I met my boyfriend on it. We're together 3 years in feb and have a beautiful 18 iirsh old son. I know there was lots of weirdos on it, but my boyfriend shows there are some nice lovely genuine guys on there too, just be careful: Dated a "nice guy" who said after 7 weeks he was leaving the country. My head was wrecked and a friend called the irish dating sites he worked at and they said they had never gay speed dating events chicago of him If he is not being straightforward now then something is up.

Suggest he sends a proper pic or meet up and then you can see how he reacts. I take POF with a pinch of salt: You just have to find them. I was dating a fab guy, we really clicked, it took us both by surprise but then after 2 months he is leaving the country for work permanently. I have been on POf for a number of weeks. Only one guy interested me and we have been messaging each other for the past 10 days.

Very innocent and friendly banter. However, I felt his profile pictures were not really him and his main picture which does not really show his face looked very like George Clooney Should i ignore for now ans say nothing and see how irish dating sites go or confront him??? I irish dating sites dislike deceitful and untrust worthy people but maybe he has a valid reason for not putting his real pic up??? Possibly he is married Had same experience of this "deleting pic".

Pretty common for people to delete profile and then re-do it. If he has a photo up and its clear that its him then I doubt irisj been caught out by a partner or something. Same happened me with a guy who wants to meet but his photo was gone this morning. I find that a bit weird and would generally ask why and see how I feel from their reaction.

Hi guys, I was on POF last year and meet some nice guys and some weirdos too. I was with a guy for a few months that I met on the POF so naturally, I closed my account. However, the relationship didn't work out and now months later, I thought I'd give it one last bash. But POF keep rejecting me! I've tried different email addresses as well as writing to them and supposedly they don't have to tell me why they terminated my account.

I enjoyed my time on POF and never had any issues with them or people I met on there. So, can anyone shed some light why I'm being rejected please? I complied with the terms and conditions. I irish dating sites my bf on pof after a few terrible first dates!! Alot of crreps on it but some lovely guys too, i think i was talking to that guy with the girlfriend too Cathysue, the gf also rang me a number of times and was basically stalking me until irish dating sites set her straight, had never even met up with the guy as i had a bad feeling about him, she told me some shocking stories about what he'd done to some other girls off pof!!

Good luck with it donna9!! Maybe you are also wrecking his head by being online. The best bf I've ever had. My kids are urging me to "marry" him. Hi girls, for those of you that are using POF or any other irish dating sites sitedo ye find this a regular problem?? Can somebody pm me details of the guy who was messing around. I have his number so i can compare. Think i may talk with the same person. I have been on POF, Smooch and Another friend.

I have met some lovely people irizh I suppose you need to know what you want. AF sktes a great social gathering set of people sires got together to go for walks, a game of pool, weekends away, kareokes and just meeting up for a night out. I really liked igish aspect of it as Im quite shy and was physically sick at the thought of one on one dates. Many moved on to facebook now so while I havent met someone special just yet I am getting irish dating sites and about and irish dating sites myself out there which is what I need, the dates will come.

I am on an off POF for last three years. My experience is meet as soon as poss after u first chat cos its the only way to know if a persons pics are fake or real and it will also rule out the attached ones they usualy cant meet at the drop of a hat. I also ONLY ever meet irish dating sites a coffee first. And I suggest either dont swop numbers till after you meet cos at zites of day a meet can be as easily organised on the site as it can by text.

HAve to say Ive yet to meet a guy that is not who he is in his pics - but they just never for me except for one and he didnt want me so. Could you pm me too. V good mate on it regularly and meets a lot of guys, would hate for her to ieish stung. CathySue, that is terrible and what a shock to you. I had been on pof and then came off it and recently joined it due to the favourable comments on this thread. Please do boards.e me the name. I was on POF and met the love of my life I've met my current boyfriend in POF.

I had tried anotherfriend, parship and match. I went on 11 first dates, messaged or texted 7 other guys, went on 4 second dates including a weddingwas stood up 6 times twice by the same guy. I shortlisted 3 guys and then narrowed down to my wonderful one. This process took me 6 months but it was so worth it. Another thing I found out was that you get more or less the same people in all the sites.

So no point on paying. Have to say I liked the POF site. There'll always be irish dating sites few strange ppl out there, but they're usually easy enough to spot. Irish dating sites anyone heard of match affinity. Sitws was on match. I completed the profile and it matches you with persons suited to you.

I have never heard of it. Thanks ammy, I joined maybe friends at the weekend,seems better than pof, not so many "suggestive ads" popping up. Irish dating sites will look at match. Fri 30 Mar, I initially joined POF and definitely believe this is a 'dip the toe' site. You meet every sort of character from every walk of life! I then joined 'Maybefriends' as a free member, and an offer came up on Boards.

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