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EXCLUSIVE: 'I slammed her head against the wall...clumps of hair and bits of skin and brain matter stuck to the brick... blood began dribbling to the floor.' How Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston 'got rid of' his real life stalker ex-girlfriend

By Caroline Howe For Dailymail. Actor Bryan Cranston knew he was Walter White when he read the pilot script of the groundbreaking television show Breaking Bad in But when creator Vince Gillian told him that the over the show's forthcoming seasons the planned arc was to morph Walter White, a chemistry teacher and character much like the fictional British school teacher Mr Chips into Scarface, a ruthless drug kingpin capable of vicious murder, Cranston was shocked.

Never had a lead character been taken down so far in the datingg of television. I was waking up in the middle of the night with him on my mind. He had bryan cranston dating history get this part - but where would he find within himself a cold-blooded killer, who watches his meth-making partner's girlfriend, Jane, die datint on her own vomit during a heroin overdose without trying to histlry her.

Meanwhile, his partner, Jesse Pinkman, was lying next to her, passed out from heroin. All the stuttering successes and the losses Bryan cranston dating history thought might sink me. I was a victim, moored by my circumstances, and I was the danger. I was Walter White. I was never more myself. As Walt sank further into his alter ego, Heisenberg, wearing the black pork pie hat, the black jacket and black glasses, he became more desperate and ruthless.

After is diagnosed with Brayn III cancer, he embarks on a life of drugs and crime with partner Jesse Pinkman left, played by Aaron Paul in order to financially support his family. While playing White, Cranston drew upon a past wild sexual affair he fell into with a woman, identified as Ava, who he first met at bryan cranston dating history audition for a TV show in Los Angeles in the early s.

As Walt pictured with in crsnston scene with Giancarlo Espositoco sank further into his alter ego, Heisenberg, wearing the black pork pie hat, the black jacket and black glasses, he became more desperate and ruthless. Cranston as Walter White had found his Scarface character. He knew he could act as the killer, drawing upon a historyy wild sexual affair he fell into with a dating and marriage traditions in india, identified as Ava, who he first met at an audition for a TV show in Los Angeles in the early s.

He couldn't get her out of his life until he envisioned himself killing her by repeatedly bashing her head against a wall. Though it was all in his mind, the killing seemed so real. Ava had asked him out on first sighting, and he found her aggression sexy. They met at her apartment on Friday evening and he didn't leave until Monday at noon.

I lost track of time,' Cranston writes. She was crazy, he says, but 'crazy creates great daging. But Byan knew from the start the woman was emotionally cransyon. They went to a play together at the Shubert Theater in Century City and had an argument at intermission. Cranston figured they'd work it out after the play, but Ava resumed the argument during the performance in a bryan cranston dating history voice.

When Cranston landed a role in the daytime soap, Loving pictured with costar Patricia Kalember inhe moved to New York to try to escape his ex-girlfriend, Ava. Embarrassed, Cranston raced to the exit where she caught up with him and escalated the argument. Maybe I was attracted to her unpredictability. The danger was sexy. But it was also dangerous,' Cranston writes. Histofy he tried to break up with her the first time, she collapsed in his apartment having a seizure.

He drove her to the emergency room where her stomach was pumped. He should have suspected bruan was taking drugs when she kept leaving the dinner table at a restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Waiting for several days after she was released cranshon the hospital, he told her he was unequivocally breaking up with her and he was willing to assume the blame for a failed relationship.

When he landed a role in the daytime soap, Loving, in New York in bryan cranston dating history, he thought he was free at last and settled into a studio apartment on the Upper West Side. It's better for both of us, he told Ava. Before his role as Walter White on Breaking Bad, Cranston appeared in several other shows, including a guest appearance on Seinfeld in pictured above.

Hiistory a few months, however, Ava sublet an apartment in the city, called Cranston and said she wanted to have dinner. Cranston refused but crahston she made him datung guilty for leaving her histoyr abruptly, he agreed to meeting in a public place. She worked herself into a frenzy, increasing the volume of her voice, alarming the manager and other patrons. Ava shut down and apparently this burst of anger excited her and 'she kissed me wildly'…and 'I got caught up in the moment'.

They got to her jistory to finish the act that was 'savage, sick, something out of the animal kingdom'. Cranston ctanston astonished by his own stupidity of falling back into the sex and once again told her it was over. But Ava proceeded to leave desperate and best dating service los angeles phone messages, first saying they were destined to be together and then vowing to have him killed.

She showed up on the set where he was shooting and was escorted off but Walt knew that Ava wasn't through. A message on his answering machine told him: How could he be afraid of a woman who was barely five hisyory two, he wondered. Several days passed before she called and he inadvertently picked daitng the phone. Ava was not going to be ignored. She told him she planned to have him killed and his body would never be found. If it was found, it would be unrecognizable.

Feeling like a cornered animal, Cranston told her if this didn't stop he was going to tell her mother. He told her he had tapes of all of her threats and he'd send them to her mother. It sounded silly, but Ava didn't want her mother to know she was bryan cranston dating history stalker, into drugs and totally unstable. Now he knew Ava was on crannston way over.

He paced his apartment in terror. He couldn't risk leaving and running into her. He should have called the cops. She would be there any minute. I went to the kitchen to find my bbryan option, a knife…' Cranston writes. Cranston's body was pressed into a tight ball on the floor, rocking, muttering and overcome with fear while Ava kicked the door and continued bryan cranston dating history. In the early s - just before Breaking Bad - Cranston picked up the role as Hal on the hit cranstln Malcolm in the Middle, which ended in

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