Co to jest speed dating

O co chodzi i na czym to polega?

Speed dating

T zalety ma speed dating? Speed dating ma wiele zalet. Super zorganizowane i niesamowicie dobrze przeprowadzone szybkie randki. Like I wrote you earlier, I am Attorney Henry Mark, a lawyer by profession, based in Lome - Togo. In my first mail I mentioned to you about a late client of mine a native of your country who died with his wife and only child in an accident On the 21st of April,without any disclosed relative.

I need your urgent assistance claiming the sum of U. He was my client and a major supplier contractor for big oil companies here in Togo. Owing to the similarity of your surname to my co to jest speed dating client's, I wish to present you as the next of kin to the account co to jest speed dating my late client died in a car crash datjng his immediate family without leaving a will or someone that will be presented to the bank as next of kin.

Therefore, I am calling your attention because that the bank asked me to bring his closest kin. Indicate your interest by writing back directly to my e-mail: If it is simpler for you to meet me on skype, tell me. Barrister Henry Mark ESQ. Czym jest speed dating?

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