What to do if your dating a bad kisser

How to Fix a Terrible Kisser

Signs You're A Bad Kisser

Truly one of the simple joys of romance or lust-mance is the act of kissing. Making out, sucking face, or my personal fave -- taking a trip to smooch city -- kissing is a joyous expression of love and love-like feelings. Yes, everyone is aware that it all starts with kissing. Chill out, the both of you! No harm no foul. But you know, sometimes the person whose mouth you choose to connect yours to is lacking in proper technique. You could always tell it like it is, but you may be derailing the train to Smooch City permanently.

Not to mention that possible pit stop in Pound Town. I have studied way too many overwrought romantic dramas not to be. Like all things, kissing is a form of communication a very specific form—so if you want to get your message across, it is worth getting THE message good openers dating sites to your partner, of course what to do if your dating a bad kisser weirding them out or making them feel butt-hurt.

For starters and for breathing—v. Also, saying stuff mid-makeout session is jarring. Hands are always a weird thing. What to do if your dating a bad kisser instance, you might find an extra set of hands roaming over chest. Whenever this starts happening, eight times out of ten, a dude will give a good hard honking to mine and it immediately kills my mood. You want me doing that to your balls? The struggle is real. The simplest way to get hands off your boobs?

Put them on your butt. Put them on your waist. Remove them from your boobs and place them accordingly how you like to be held. Everybody needs direction sometimes and in this case, words need not be used. Chances are, if they really like you as much as you like them, they will have absolutely no problem learning to please your mouth and other bits. Skip to main content.

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Are You A Bad Kisser? I Just Between Us

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