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Propane Regulator setup help needed.

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Join Date Jan Posts Correct Propane Regulator Installation Hi all - We have a small propane vent free fireplace - now in its second year. I'm using a pound vertical tank with a two-stage regulator similar to this -- Mr. This did not do this at all last year. With this issue, I'm concerned about whether the regulator is properly installed. The line comes out of the tank horizontally - directly into the regulator.

The vent hole on the regulator is retulator the same direction as the outlet - currently horizontal. Is this acceptable, or should I be running propane regulator hook up regulator straight up and down? The regulator inlet fitting goes directly into the tank valve - so that's how I installed it. Should I have run a horizontal line out of the tank, then 90 down into the regulator? Hope this gives a clear enough picture.

Propanee thoughts or advice? Could the regulator orientation be causing my freeze up problems? Thanks for any help you can offer. Join Date Mar State NC Posts 15, When you say your regulator is freezing up. Is your regulator under a cover or somehow protected from rain? You don't want rain water to be able to enter the regulator's vent. If the regulator is freezing shut I think often the problem is propane regulator hook up in the propane and not the orientation of the regulator.

The water may have been present in the tank from not being fully dehydrated before it's first filling or it could have come in contaminated fuel. Methyl alcohol can be added to the tank to absorb the water and that is something your propane provider can do for you. I have read that angling the regulator and line between it and the tank downhill can help by letting the water, when propane regulator hook up liquid, drain back into the tank. I have never tried it and my first stage regulator is mounted horizontally.

Thanks for your reply. When I say freezing - I do mean internally, cutting off the gas flow. There is no sign of any frost or ice on the exterior. There is a plastic cap over the propane regulator hook up low pressure stage - shielding the vent hole. I was intending to ask about the methyl alcohol on the next filling - but was hoping to address the regulator direction issue if necessary before that. The way the regulator fittings are laid out, it seems like the normal installation - directly to the tank valve - would leave the vent horizontal.

Does that seem correct, or could that be allowing moisture in to freeze up? If enough rainwater did get inside it reuglator block the diaphragm from moving if it froze. Can you rotate or re-mount your regulator to have the vent aimed downward. It certainly could not hurt. My regulator that is exposed directly regulztor the element has the vent aiming straight down but even if you could get yours at a 45 degree angle would help.

Join Date Aug State PA Posts Installer put my propane tank in yesterday and told me that regulator should be angled to let any moisture drain out the screened propane regulator hook up port. Hopefully that will take care of your freezing upp. I know how annoying it is since mine only happened when we had single digit temperatures. Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email address.

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