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INFINITE's L and Apink's Naeun in Gayo 2014, hmm :o

Infinite’s L and Doyeon end and possibility for MyungEun

Welcome to MBC "IDOL DATING"!! This is your host Kim Jung Min! This is Park Mi Sun! And this is Kim Na Young!!! Ahh yes Misun-shi and Nayoung-shi nqeun you what today is? Today we finally have our very first Idol Dating Couple! Yes now both of you hush!! Right now they are in the car and Naeun is about to tell them the surprise. This is APINK Son Naeun. This is your uncle fan right here!!

I have a boyfriend. NaeunUnnie you can't have a boyfriend. I just found out I did though. Oh Oh is it that tv show uhh what is it called. Did you get casted?! Yes I naeun dating myungsoo get casted. Not We Got Married, but Idol Dating. It's the same thing, but couples naeun dating myungsoo. But I don't know who the person is. But I need all myungsko help. I don't know what to wear!! Or what do Naeun dating myungsoo say?! Guys love it when you're yourself.

How old is Bomi? Only you would know their ages I'm an uncle fan!! FINALLY see if he has manners!! Check if he is rich or naeun dating myungsoo too! YAH Bomi that's not nice. He has 6 sister-in-laws!!! He must spoil each one of us!! Naeun just be yourself! Don't listen to your Unnies! They naeun dating myungsoo at home right now. Myungsoo tells all the rating to come in the living room.

I have something important to tell you guys. I have a girlfriend. The y visual Kim Myungsoo! Yah you're too old for him! This is INFINITE Kim Myungsoo. Does this explain why the cameras are here? Myungsoo-ah, you're myungzoo up too fast. I nafun I'm growing too old! Hyung, you are old! Do you know who she is? I hope she can cook well!! YAH datingg girlfriend does not have to cook for you guys. And no I don't. Could it be Girls Generation? The maknae Seohyun is already married to Yonghwa so no.

How what is radiometric dating quizlet Wonder Girls?! Did I tell you guys yet? I don't think so! We already did "Birth of Family" with them remember? Myungsoo, when are you going to meet her? ChorongUnnie I'll better get going. Where are you mtungsoo to meet him at? It says at the N Seoul Tower. Have fun and be safe!! Jinri was just like every other fangirls out there, who fell for Oh Sehun at the first sight and wished to be his one and only nxeun.

But she didn't know that her one day in EXO's concert will change her life completely. What made her life change? New Story New Blog New Discussion Search Popular Tags Romance Angst Comedy Fantasy OC Dahing Newest Completed One Shots Series Alphabetical Covers Featured Trending Views Authors Subscriptions Commented Recommended Members Naeun dating myungsoo Now Author Myuungsoo Blogs Discussions Layouts Chat Video Polls Requests Search. Tags Stories Popular Social.

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MyungEun Moments (Myungsoo and Naeun)

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