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do residents date their medstudents or nurses?

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Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. SDN is made possible through member donationssponsorshipsand our volunteers. Learn about SDN's nonprofit mission. Previous Thread Next Thread. Hey guys, is this a good idea or no lol I'm an intern currently doing prelim year before going into radiology.

SDN Members don't see this ad. Law2DocJul 24, Promethean and Mad Jack like this. If you really, really think you have a connection, go for it. Otherwise it'll bite you on the ass. DocDannyJul 24, Sure, why not, you're usually only in one place for a month or a few months. If it goes south and it usually does This is one of those things that people always say "Terrible idea" but everyone does it.

GrooveJul 24, I was just talking about this with one of my prelim interns dating nurses sdn a M4. Generally, my rule is if you are there for an extended period, do not. However, as a prelim, especially if you rotate at multiple sites for minimal dating nurses sdn, I dating nurses sdn encourage dipping the pen in the company ink for the lone fact that it is such a generous well dating nurses sdn you are nearly guaranteed not to have residual issues at that hospital as you may not be back after your rotation and certainly won't be back after your prelim year is finished.

I declare it open season for you. Especially if you are gonna be in radiology next year. Do dating nurses sdn much damage as you can this year. K31Jul 25, One of our prelims last year was dating a nurse before he left to go to his advanced program. Didn't seem to be any problems there. SubstanceJul 30, Mad Jack and EMDO like this.

Winged ScapulaJul 30, I knew more than one male resident who left the contraception up to the woman and ended up being a father much sooner and in more than 1 case, with someone they barely knew that they wanted to be. EtorphineJul 30, Was this a case of "forgot to take my pill" or screwdriver through the condom?

Winged ScapulaJul 31, The former as I recall but at least in one case, Dating nurses sdn wouldn't doubt the latter. She was reportedly well known for talking about her desire to snag a doctor. EtorphineAug 1, Nurses have sisters, friends, room-mates and whatevers who are Remember that little fact when your two-week relationship goes south and you have moved on to your next rotation and it seems like every nurse in the hospital wants your head on a silver platter.

StevieStudAug 3, Buzz MeAug 4, What about like a physical therapist or the girl who serves dinner trays and runs the nurse's errands? There is this banging brunette that makes the hours pass by so much faster and has me looking forward to bumping into her when I have to go to the floors. AngkorWuTAug 5, StevieStudAug 5, I know a few residents who spent the latter part of their residency always ducking into stairwells and not ever able to go to the cafeteria because they had too many exes they didn't want to run into.

HoosierdaddyOMoDiddy and Mad Jack like this. That seems more like an argument against random hookups than against dating a nurse you might actually like. DocDannyAug 6, Hey, dipping into the cookie jar at work always risks awkwardness or worse. That's no different in medicine. In a prelim position going to a new hospital as a radiologist next year, that's as close to above the law as you can get. As long as you don't do anything egregious, you should be good to go.

Law2DocAug 7, Always have to laugh when I read soon-to-be interns asking about dating nurses. Not to comment on this guy since I've never seen him, but I knew plenty of newly-minted docs who thought they were gonna tear it up with nurses once they started internship. Thing is, most didn't have game before they started their internship, and things didn't suddenly change when they got the mythical doctor stamp.

These aren't the days of House of God where a nerdy psych resident is pulling nurses right and left.

Dating + Nursing? Can It Work??

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