Heroes and generals already matchmaking

What happened to Matchmaking?

What happened to Matchmaking?

General Feedback Legacy Thread Sort By. Recent Top Voted Trending. What happened to Matchmaking? Thread Tools Subscribe to this Thread…. Did Matchmaking get a stealth change in v Did Epic finally get around to switching to a dedicated Server heroes and generals already matchmaking Matchmaking? Yes, there were occasional questionable matchups during off-hours where it would throw a Bronze tier player in on a Platinum tier team to offset being matched up with an all Gold tier team.

Heroes and generals already matchmaking were easily overlooked by most players because Matchmaking tried, did the best it could do under the circumstances, and despite the complaints on the Forum leading one to believe they were happening every match, really were a rarity. All of that changed Tuesday. Queue times are often under 20 seconds, even at off-hours! Way to go Epic! That's wonderful news for Paragon! Every single match is a gross mismatch.

Did I mention that every match is just a random hodge-podge of players with no rhyme or reason anymore It's really, really bad out there these past few days. Even Coop vs AI matches are so brutal due to the bad matchmaking with all brand-spanking new players matched up with the one token veteran who has to carry the match, somehow defend all 3 lanes while struggling to find time to push, while Tower after allied Tower falls, all three allied Inhibitors are lost, and yet the other 4 teammates, all on their 2nd match ever, are still running around chasing enemies as a group across the map without a single kill among them to show for it, and just a constant stream of death after death after death!

I can somewhat understand Epic's rationale of mixing n00bs with vets heroes and generals already matchmaking Coop matches, in hopes that the more experienced players will help teach the n00bs the ropes of playing the game, but when it is all n00bs on your team you are too busy struggling to carry the match to provide a leash to the other 4 players, let alone take time out of the match to instruct them and impart words of wisdom. Matter of fact, the past three days have been the only times I've become verbally frustrated to the point of being borderline abusive in matches and I feel horribly guilty about my own growing toxicitybut with Matchmaking in it's current state it is really difficult not to be.

So Coop is one thing For that I can only demand " WTH EPIC!?!? Unless Epic resolves it quick I fear my only salvation is to find others and exclusively play Paragon only when on a premade 5-man heroes and generals already matchmaking. TLDR; Good job on the miraculous improvements to Queue times with Matchmaking Epic! Now, can you please fix it to where the Matchmaking actually considers the internal MMR of players once again? For the love of all that is holy in Agora, please Matchmaking became worse and this is the fact.

I am also wandering what happened after the update. It seems that it indeed is broken heroes and generals already matchmaking all my friends are also experiencing similar situation. Yesterday I was playing heroes and generals already matchmaking Dekker in a player-vs-AI match. My team was randomly fighting across lanes and we lost our towers quite fast.

Later in the game, we managed to fight back though to destroy one inhibitor and open up an attacking lane on the core. I already have powerfull card decks for Dekker and luckily I was using a caster setup iso support so I pushed to the enemies core and together with the minions I besieged the core and almost destroyed it with one hit-and-run. My team was nowhere around to help me out otherwise the match would have ended in that one core siege.

Instead, the lack of teamplay resulted in the AI heroes heroes and generals already matchmaking in 2 inhibitor takedowns and opened up 2 siege lanes on our core. I kept yelling to defend the open lanes but no I was surprised I resisted the enemy siege long around 15 minutes or so before our core heroes and generals already matchmaking got destroyed.

Almost no help from my team except the minions. The AI sometimes does a better job than human players if they choose not to play in team. I see You notised all this by playing literally 0 games in beta and 1 in early acces? I absolutely adore this game, but I REALLY need to know what happened with the matchmaking. Five losses in a row today, all to complete bullshit and ridiculous team comps. Some players didn't even have a prime card equipped, I don't even know how that's possible.

I might need to give this game a long hiatus if Epic doesn't correct this issue soon. For every time you are trounced there is someone trouncing. But I get you. I played a game with some people that only wanted to fool around in the jungle and let av inhibitor fall while there where in the jungle next to it.

I was on the other side of the map. I was playing Iggy, but the sparrow and I just couldn't carry the match. Matchmaking is the worst part of this game. Epic Games, Paragon, Unreal, Unreal Engine 4, UE4, and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc.

Best matchmaking ever (Heroes & Generals)

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