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Click here for our wiki! Subreddit Rules Message Moderators Official CS: Anxiety and Counter Strike self. A cs go matchmaking anxiety of info to get you started: I am male, 20 years old, been suffering from social anxiety and depression for close to 10 years now. I have wins and I'm rank MG2. I don't know how to do this, or what it actually is, but here goes My anxiety stops me from playing MM. I am afraid of messing up and losing the match. And everyone shouting shit comments at me when it happens demoralizes me too the extend that I just want to die.

I mean that in the literal sense. Most can probably just brush off what comments they get, but I can't. It can be stuck with me the rest of the day, and even ruining my sleep. Many games I have been on the edge of crying. Out of panic and fear of not meeting the expectations. If I'm left in a 1v? I know everyone is looking over my shoulder, judging my every move. If I fail I get continually harassed for most of the match.

If I succeed I might get one "gj" in the chat, and nothing more. There is no more vote of confidence. If I make a little mistake later, the shit train starts. Why do you do this? I am saying this from a pretty extreme standpoint, but it should go out to everyone. Why do you have to pick on those not as good as you? Even if you say it as a joke it still hurts. Words aren't just sounds you can fling out that doesn't have consequences.

A single "noob" coming at the start of the game will ruin my entire game, and worst case my entire day. Or to from the other side: Win a game or whatever. Don't fucking say "EZ" or any of that crap. Do you think that you need to tell me that I didn't put up much of a fight? Do you need to rub it in? Make me feel even worse than dating gemini man tips I hope that cs go matchmaking anxiety posting this, some of you might think twice about what you are doing.

A joke to you might not be a joke to others. Think twice before bursting out in rage. Yes, I might have fucked up the game for you, but don't you think I cs go matchmaking anxiety that? Is it worth it to incinerate what little confidence I have? Your little anger outburst might just ruin my entire day. I love this games, and want to play it. But as of now I can't play. This is just one of the examples that gives me a hard time. And probably the only one you can do anything about.

I wish everyone could experience what I feel first hand. Then maybe people wouldn't do what they do. I know there is little I can do with others. This became more of a rant than I anticipated. Find friendly non-assholes, and play with them always. Eh, i guess it has died out. It's for both really, I see Silvers and Golds post there all cs go matchmaking anxiety time, it's not always for ESEA Drop Out Go Pro, just for some good 'ol fun.

I agree with your idea. The cs go matchmaking anxiety best thing to do is watch CS: GO streams on Twitch. This doesn't work, I find I don't get frustrated at teammates as long as they are communicating. I don't do this but I've seen it done. You should not let them get to you. But if you can't ignore them or learn to play through the criticism, i honestly would recommend not playing. I only say this because you have expressed how much it affects you.

Fuck what they say if you miss your shot, or you don't clutch. These Randy Johnsons don't mean shit to your real life anyway. If you are playing to have fun, then remember that at all times. Laugh at yourself for making a mistake, or laugh at them for taking your mistake so seriously. Muting would be effective, if only communication wasn't such a huge part of the game. Even though they say shit, they can give me some viable information once in a while too.

I try not taking the game cs go matchmaking anxiety, believe me. When playing with friends we do from time to time just bullshit around and just have fun in MM. That is fine and all, but when I want to win, and everyone else wants to win, and I don't play as well as I should. I start beating myself up, and then the others do not my friends, the Randy'sand this all stacks up on me completely crushing me. It would be nice to just accept the mistake and move on, but anxiety doesn't let you do that I start every game with a "GL HF".

Trying to loosen the tension from the get go. Sometimes it works, other times people just goes "fuck off" or whatever. Thanks for the input anyways: I would recommend muting people who deserve it, if they yell at someone else mute them, if they yell at you mute them. I mute the entire enemy team at the beginning of every game cs go matchmaking anxiety they add nothing to the enjoyment of my CS experience.

Mute players who deserve it and give positive reinforcement to other players. Many of the people who rage at others are simply looking for someone else to blame for their losses. I do mute those who I find annoying more than helpful. But the time it takes me to know they are nothing but shitheads it's too late. They have already started the vortex in my head I am dealing with it day by cs go matchmaking anxiety. Some day I might even be able to play more than 1 game a day: I know it would probably help to read it, I would like to figure it out myself.

I get to obsessed in doing everything as what I was told perfectly. It's better for me to learn by myself, although it will take longer. As someone who once had crippling social anxiety, you can only try and create your surroundings to a very limited degree choosing your friends. I'm afraid most of the world definitely the internet, and especially online games are full of dickheads and shit talkers.

You can't change how people express themselves online, and as someone who gets pissed off in MM every once and a while myself I can tell you that it is not done knowingly to hurt someone who is sensitive to it. People get pissed online man, internet games are a toxic environment, but thats not the problem here. The problem is the way that you perceive cs go matchmaking anxiety world. I suggest grabbing some books or seeing a therapist if you haven't alrdy. Though, at least for me a therapist wouldn't be very helpful, maybe only initially.

You are the only one with the power to improve yourself. I recommend checking out "the anxiety and phobia workbook" its the bestselling book on anxiety on amazon and pretty much every big bookstore, its also says much about depression as well since anxiety and depression go hand in hand.

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