Dating my sisters best friend

My best friend's just started dating my brother. A recipe for disaster, no?

Should You Date Your Brother/Sister’s Best Friend?

Best friend dating little sister self. Would you want your best friend or sister to break the news that they were pursuing a relationship? I think it would depend on the way the friend treats women. If he was a player then hell no, but if I knew that he was a really good dating my sisters best friend who would treat her right then that would be okay. I'd be okay with it dating my sisters best friend I know his habits and weaknesses for when I have to kill him and bury his ass. I've told this story here before.

My best friends little sister wanted to sleep with me when she was 17 and I was 19 that's legal in Canada. I was drunk but had enough sense to go ask dating my sisters best friend friend and he replied "Sure that's her mistake to make. I live in California now I'm pretty sure it's 18 here. I know in Texas or something it was Check out Romeo and Juliet laws. Age of consent can dating my sisters best friend blurred when the couple is still close in age depending on the state.

Just want to thank you all for your input. He talked to my brother and my brother offers his support! My friend did date my younger she's still 2 years older than me sister for almost a year and a half. My little sister is cool and my best friend is awesome, I don't give a shit. Granted I dated my little sister's best friend, to keep the symmetry my buddy would have to tell me. One of my best friends is dating my younger sister. Going on 5 years now I think.

He originally came up to me and asked me if I minded before they pursued anything and I didn't cause I knew he was a good guy and would be good for her. We all hang out pretty often and it's not weird at all. My sister dates jocks who threaten her, shitheads who cheat on her and give her diseases, and coke dealers. For me it was the opposite. My little sister's friends were always getting crushes on me.

It caused a lot of problems med student dating nurse her. Oblivious until my mom told me years later. Also I wouldn't give two shits who she dates or if she does at all. I trust them both enough, plus who am I to tell her what to do. It'd be nice having him around dating my sisters best friend as well. Though of course if it looks like anything bad is going down in the relationship I'd get involved ASAP.

Plus it might be bad if they have a messy breakup. My best friend is marrying my older sister. As long as they are happy and healthy together it should be fine. Don't have a sister but almost dated my best friends sister. He was actually enthusiastic about it he thought we would do each other a lot of good and the both of us were very into the idea. However this was high school and for some reason the mother was very very against it and forbid it.

Which the daughter followed. It's been six years and we still keep in touch and I think if I still lived at home and we were both single we would date. Her mother is still very against it yet has always refused to give any reason. You're supose to protect your sister, not trade her off on your friend so he ditch you and bang her all night. You want to hear your sister get fucked by your bestfriend? I think anyone who will let their sister date any friend is mentally fucked, seriously.

Nice, I'd consider my sister a whore if she couldn't get any other dick besides a friend of mine. I'd consider my sister a whore if she couldn't get any other dick besides a friend of mine. But if she and your friend knew one another over the span of many years, they may very well have both developed feelings for each other. How would you guys feel if your best friend started dating your mom? Let me guess, "Oh it's ok if my bestfriend fucks my mom! Either way, it'd be awkward as hell, whats the point in being best friends with a guy then he trades you in for your sister?

Who cares if they work well together, get along, etc etc, i have something called values, which obviously not many people on this website have. What happens when they break up? Gonna stay best friends? LOL FUCK NO, And now your sister probably thinks your a faggot for even being friends with that guy in the first place. I feel extremely sorry for your sister if you are so easily able to label her merely as "pussy" And you can drop the faggot comment, because any decent sister would never think of labeling her brother as such.

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