Are we officially dating song list

Are we officially dating song list

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If I Stay Soundtrack List Complete tracklist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer, who sings them, soundtrack details and the entire music playlist of are we officially dating song list album. Continues when Adam performs on stage with his band. Promise — Ben Howard Mia and Adam hang out, play with the skateboard, have fun and kiss. Never Coming Down — Willamette Stone Song played by the band of Adam at the Halloween party. When they make love. Morning — Beck Song playing when Adam and Mia have a fight.

Also when Mia is at school looking on her phone and later at the birthday party dinner. Karen Revisited — Sonic Youth — Today — Willamette Stone At the bonfire, Mia and Adam play together at their instruments, the others sing with them. Heart Like Yours — Willamette Stone Adam plays the song he composed for Mia, when she in on the hospital bed.

Heal If I Stay Version — Tom Odell End credits song. Song playing after Mia is waking up. Listen to the full songs from the official If I Stay soundtrack Additional film music — songs that are not included in the official soundtrack are we officially dating song list, but are playing in the movie. Allegro ma non tanto — Ludwig Van Beethoven In the car, when the family goes on a trip, Mia is listening to this song on her iPod.

Bohemian Like You — Dandy Warhols When Mia, dressed as a rocker, and Adam, dressed as Beethoven, meet at the Halloween party. Prelude Opening credits song. Mia talks about her family and life. Playing several times during the movie. When Mia is practicing for her audition and her family is listening to her. The Passenger — Iggy Pop Playing when Mia and her family are on the road.

Teddy listens on his iPod to this song. Snak Shop — Lamont — 8. Sonata in B minor for solo cello, Op. Playing several times during movie by Mia on her cello. Refrigerate Her — Happyness — Keep On Movin — King Tuff — Anything I Do Is All Right — Happyness — Brandenburg Concerto — J. Nuclear City — Estate — What You Know About This — The Unknown featuring Nikka Costa — Reality — Boys Noize — New Girl — The Long Winters — The Swan — The Carnival of the Animals — Rollercoaster — Bleachers — Larger Than Life — The DeeKompressors — are we officially dating song list Lily Liver — Oil Boom — Cello Concerto in A minor, Op.

I Never Wanted To Go — Willamette Stone — Sparklers — Rocky Votolato — Picture This — Blondie — Auld Lang Syne — MXPX — Sonata in B Minor for Solo Cello — Alisa Weilrstein Playing when Mia and Adam go to their first date at opera concert. Winder Casket Original Mix — Blis Song playing right before Mia enters the audition room at Juilliard. Cello Concert in A Minor, Op. Listen to the full additional songs that are playing in the If I Stay movie Trailer songs full tracks Say Something — A Great Big World ft.

Christina Aguilera From official trailer, starting a 1: August 19, If I Stay Movie release date: Your 'maniac' opinion 19 votes, average: To close a box click outside it. SoundtrackMania has the most complete and updated soundtrack details on the web, with full songs. View more music by: The last song that Adam play in the hospital before she wakes up, is a real song? If it is, can anyone tell me the name??? Does anyone know the cello piece from the trailer? The one in the first half? That would be awesome!

All of these songs are both from the trailer and the movie? Just to make it a bit easier for searching, which songs exactly are ONLY from the trailer? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Drama Movie SoundtracksSoundtrack Lists 9 comments. Various artists Composers Archive.

Heart Like Yours — Willamette Stone.

Migz and Maya - Ambon (How To Be Yours Official Movie Theme Song)

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