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Create an account or Sign In. EasyDate PO Box datin, Edinburgh EH3 7XY. I was offered a 3 day membership trial period if I submitted my credit card details and paid 3. After the 3 day period, I was not satisfied with the site, So didn't bother investigating it any further. A few weeks later I checked my bank balance canccel noticed 3.

After notifying them asking for my money back, they refused saying I had used their site and had not notified them in advance to cancel my membership. They would however not withdraw any further funds and my czncel would be terminated from cwncel affect. I had never requested ot authorized them to a memberehip membership fee. I tried getting the transaction cancelled with my bank-they said it would involve cancelling my debit card, which is an inconvenience at this point.

I therefore have no option but to take the matter up with small claims-again a waste of my time, so it looks like this company has succeeded in stealing How many more people will they scam in this manner before they are removed from trading online? EasyDate Ltd know this which is bn dating cancel membership the scam is successful, because nobody reads the small print. I'm going to write to their local trading standards office: Chesser House, Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 3YJ Tel: I suggest that everyone caught up in this con makes the effort to at least notify their local trading std's officer.

I have written to Benaughty and they tell me how to reduce marketing emails, but refused to comment on the text advertising despite 3 requests. The registration texts they send go toyou will find them in your SMS outbox. Maybe something wrong with you? I used to be benaughty member, I know there are lots of nice, fun and genuine people over there. Yes, datingg have to pay dqting read messages, you have to upgrade you account to read emails but trust me - 2 pounds a day or even less totally worth it.

There is NO indication at any stage of the process that you are signing up to repeat billing. Other dating sites make it memgership on the special offer that it will result in repeat billing, Membersship do not. It is clearly a deception to scam people, as above I suggest that everyone complains to the trading standards about these crooks. I think all web dating sites work like this. There are a few honest operations out there.

Not every dating mmebership is as blatantly crooked as BN. Be Naughty is a fraud and it's owners should be prosecuted to the limit of the law and the site permanently closed. Whenever I read a post praising Be Naughty or any other fraudulent service like it, I always get the feeling that the poster is an employee of that firm. Avoid Be Naughty and warn others to stay well away from it.

It is worse than bn dating cancel membership haven of scammers, it is a scam outright. BN does absolutely nothing to investigate, much less remove fake profiles no matter how often bnn are daating or how much evidence is provided that these profiles are bogus. And I agree with Dave Davies. Everybody who has ever been scammed by BN should notify the fair trading authorities in their home mekbership. I have these emails from new people, but you can deactivate this feature.

If you will ask me would I recomend this site. After reading what you guys have said about getting ripped off it's easy to see why Easy Date Ltd. I just wish i knew how to hack so i could shut them down for a while and stop them ripping anybody else off. Never mind about the fake profiles, bn dating cancel membership in by themselves i'm sure in order to hook new customers.

Make yourself a couple of accounts with different email addresses and do bn dating cancel membership searching. You'll find loads of duplicate entries with the same details and pics apparently living all over the country in different places. I'm going to have phone my bank tommorow and check they've not been taking anything they shouldn't have. As bn dating cancel membership me I am a member of this site. Thanks to Cancl it has made a big difference to my quality of life!

I think the best way to find someone on sites like this is to ignore cancfl the scammers and concentrate on your goal - to find a perfect match. BeNaughty Customer Care Service. Recently Discussed Complaints Oak Furniture Solutions Lies bn dating cancel membership no delivery 1 0 mins ago. Luminess Air membwrship day ultimate gift - medium 1 48 mins ago.

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