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CatGenie Self-Flushing Self-Washing Cat Box Review

Learn more about Amazon Prime. If you cat genie hookup to sink have an account, sign in. Check your Internet connection and go to your cartor try again. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. Mostly copy and pasted from https: Cat Genie - Question About the Waste I haven't seen a comment about what the waste is like if it's dumped into the toilet. Is the toilet nasty looking before someone flushes it? I really don't want to be grossed out in the morning Smith on February 19, The answer body is empty.

Please add text to it. Most Helpful first Newest first Oldest first. You will need to flush the toilet manually. I didn't like this idea, so I managed to get the waste pipe hooked up to the sink drain under the bathroom sink similar to how a dishwasher drains into the waste pipe under a kitchen sink. I installed it downstream of the sink trap so that none of the odor from the Cat Genie waste would come back out of the sink.

Hovey answered on March 21, Comment 1 13 cat genie hookup to sink 13 found this helpful. Yes No Report abuse. Sorry, an error occurred when we tried to process your request. I'm beginning to think Albanian dating websites Doh and Janet Schmidt work for Litter Maid or one of the other competitors! Oh my, nothing but negative from them on every single thread. As compared to WHAT? So now a regular litter box is non-gross?

Have you seen what DOGS do? That gets to be picked up by hand with a plastic bag! This person has obviously never changed a diaper cat genie hookup to sink walked a dog. Now THAT can be gross. It'll have the normal clear water above it. Occasionally if you have a really large amount of fecal material, the cleaning solution will foam beige from the first heavy wash and will leave some foam deposits above waterline, but this doesn't happen all that often.

More often, the subsequent finishing rinses get rid of that. It's not like you don't already clean your toilet every few days anyway, right? Learning to live with a home that doesn't smell of cat litter all the time is easy, but if you think that will happen without lifting a finger, think again. Yes, the littermaid is a sanitary solution, but it has it's idiosyncrasies.

Learning how to work that into your life is the solution, because it's a very elegant solution IF DONE RIGHT. Sorry, but the fact is that if you do the right setup for your lifestyle and add a few things like a plush runner to clean the feet after the coarse astroturf Will it work in your location? Mine have to be coiled a bunch of times because my genie sits right next to the toilet, where a bidet should have been. I have an electrical outlet over the toilet, so my bathroom was designed for a cat genie.

If you have to trail the hoses and cords, try running them all together in a pvc pipe or similar. You can paint the pipe to match your decor and it won't look so odd. There's always a solution. Comment 6 of 6 found this helpful. Mine goes into the toilet, and depending on the toilet design, it may flush or just drain. Mine drains well but the final rinses don't always have enough force to cause a fast drainage so there will be some sediment left in the bottom of my toilet.

Nothing really gross looking. The icky stuff gets very diluted by the subseqent rinses, so whatever is left is minor. Follow up with a bucket of mop rinse water and watch what happens What's left cat genie hookup to sink too bad, but if you want a spic and span toilet, you do cat genie hookup to sink flush when you've finished emptying your mop buckets. Genie is much the same, but without the lifting!

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