Dating scan accuracy 8 weeks

How legit are dating scans at 6/8 weeks?

how accurate is a dating scan?

Nice to see you! Please do nose around, sign up and join in. We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. Skip to main content. Made For Mums Search Join Log in Search Account Navigation Menu. Find us on YouTube Twitter Pinterest. Latest Posts New Discussions. Anyone have an early scan that set them back date wise? The lady who did the scan was lovely and said that everything looked great for 6 weeks but obviously I was thinking I was nearly 8 weeks not 6 so I am very scared and concerned that something is wrong.

Has anyone had a similar experience and went on to be OK or should I prepare for the worse xx. I was petrified this meant something was wrong but by my 12 week scan I was measuring dating scan accuracy 8 weeks right. Hi I had 2 early scans that both dated me 2 weeks behind what I thought I was. I Was very worried. I had my dating scan yesterday which showed bubs had grown and they put me 1 day ahead of what I guessed I was.

Sonographer said its really hit and miss in the first dating scan accuracy 8 weeks wks and baby can grow alot in a few days. Try not to worry. I went for my 12 weeks scan only to be told I was 9 weeks. I think I must of just fallen pregnant at a slightly later date than what I thought I had. I was the quite upset about this same as you. Try not to worry hun all is fine.

Thanks for all your reassurance ladies it really has helped to make me feel better. I am still worried and cant wait for my other scan in 2 weeks, my main concern was that they couldnt see anything but a sac and there was no heartbeat but would I be right in thinking that at 6 weeks it might have been too early to see anything? Was anyones scan also like this? I constantly feel sick now so I am hoping this is a good sign that things are ok in there xx.

I just had my final early scan before the usual ones and we had a lovely dating scan accuracy 8 weeks heartbeat!! I just had a sac - no HB. I was petrified and had to wait 3 weeks for my next scan. By then, I was measuring ahead. Seems there is no real logic! Please sign in or register to add your reply. Reply Follow Unfollow Continues below ad.

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