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Join Date Oct Location In America! Posts 76 Points 1, Level 21 Dating site game pua 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Rep Power Vecen's guide to online dating site game pua Hi there That is the number one thing you never want to say at any time what-so-ever in all of history ever. But you already knew that! Hopefully While I will go into many specifics, this is going to be a more high-end in terms of thought process.

Now to be clear, this is a lot from what I have learned from stuff I found online, and from talking with people who have had success online. I have had moderate success online, in that I have managed to gain several actual conversations: Online game is NOT real-life game transferred over. You do not want to have a profile, but an advertisement dating site game pua. I believe in you! So to begin, there is a fundamental aspect about online game that makes it so different from a cold approach or even a warm approach; women are looking for boyfriends!

Let that sink in for a moment. Because you are both looking for someone to date or fool around with you can assume that if you message them, or vice versa, that you already have at least some attraction and rapport. Not only that, but this goes into behavioral theory; if you act like you have known someone for a while, they will begin to mimic your energies.

Instead, you should view online game as a quick transition period of meeting a women and then meeting them Dating site game pua Real Life IRL. So you are now asking yourself, what should I do? Well, work on these things in this order: MESSAGES I prefer to only use copy-paste openers in certain situations. They make the assumption that you have to build attraction.

Because of their profiles. Copy paste messages do almost nothing to show that you are confident or you are a prize worth catching. If you have an outstanding personal advertisement, then you will probably have a response, otherwise you may be passed over. Also, you usually have to play text game for a while before number closing or IRL closing getting her to agree to a date. Finally, hotter women probably have already received best dating sites perth form of a copy paste message, and are wise to their presence.

BUT they CAN work sometimes, and to summarize Copy paste openers: If they message back, take the time to look at dating site game pua profile before deciding whether to invest in text dating site game pua. Look anywhere under the online game tab dating site game pua this site.

In fact, I should probably dating site game pua a thread for that and get the mods to sticky it. This is a personalized form of E-mail, designed to convey -that you are not timid of women which indirectly implies that you are preselected and hang out with women already. There are literally so many dating site game pua to do this, and I encourage you to experiment with how this can be done, but I have found the following process to work well: Just to make sure we are on the same page.

Notice the context of the situation -Are you messaging and viewing her profile first? In fact, you want a couple of teases throughout your message. I highly advise against negging her! You only want to do some good clean teasing. Also, make sure to watch for any ways your tease could be misconstrued; you do not have body language or tone of voice to prove that you are only teasing, so use your words wisely.

After the opener, go into your shared interest. If you are a bit quirky talk about how you did something strange in relation to your shared interest. If you are funny talk about how you cracked jokes the entire time. Make the story personal yet brief. Engage as many of the human senses as you can as well! Finally, make one last sentence going for a Number Closebut be sure to frame it as: NOT -Give me dating site game pua number. Frame it as you giving her something, not her giving you something.

And of course, ALWAYS send out your message when she is online, preferably within the first 5 minutes of her signing in. Then proceed with a full message, minus the opener the checking out bit was the opener And remember, if she is checking your profile, it almost always means that you were in her searches, and thus fir her type to some respect.

Use this to your advantage! Go immediately for a number close, in the framed way I spoke of and make sure to add a tease or two. You may also want to compliment her on her bravery! Photo scanning This is to avoid common tricks girls use dating site game pua trick you to think they are something they are not like being a billion pounds lighter Only face shots?

She has something to hide! Only one grainy photo? Face obscured in some way for ALL her photos? Cropped photo showing face and apparently large breasts but nothing else? Now I am only saying that she is hiding something, as we have to remember that perhaps you enjoy larger women as I do or you do not mind facial imperfections. However, I always prefer if the woman can own her weight and is confident with it.

The Second message This realm has a much greater natural game feel to it, but there are several situations which I hear about a lot that I feel should be addressed. You sent the message and no response: There are others, and sending a second message soon after you send the first one will look like neediness. You send a message, she checks your profile out, and no message: You send a message, she replies, but no number: You have her interest, keep up the texting game, funny cocky, exude your personality, but do mention a date!

Make it non-committal yet fun and light. With the advent of Skype, Google chat, or literally any number of other of microphone using software programs, the phone is not really needed! In fact, I usually only go for Skype close because I am have to pay for dating site game pua on my cell phone plan.

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