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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or hopeless romantic dating profiles dating experiences etc. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. It got me thinking Or it doesn't matter?

A connection with a partner that is on so many levels that you can anticipate what they are thinking and even the responses to questions. Romantkc always know romanyic they are thinking as they do you. I have had entire conversations without spoken words. I don't list this on my page because I think it can only be found when hopeless romantic dating profiles aren't looking for it. If it's obvious the person writing the profile hopeleas latched on to it as a catch phrase, I consider it kind of lame.

If their profile seems to indicate they truly ARE a romantic type, I find it a bit datinf and wish them well in finding someone the same. But it won't be me. I agree with the person that said if it comes across needy or clingy then it's a negative for sure. And to me, romance isn't about flowers, chocolates, or other 'material' things. It's about the simple things in romwntic life that you say or do that makes someone know they're appreciated and loved.

I'm not romantic in the traditional sense Some would say I'm not romantic However, no, I wouldn't put hopeless romantic dating profiles in my profile I don't necessarily think it's a selling point, but it could be to some. Hopelwss I saw it in someone's profile, I'd have to read the whole thing and hope something in there indicates what their definition of romantic is.

Aren't people daring hoping for something, someone. Some datting don't need to be said. All the miswest gals talking about hopeleds on the beach hopeless romantic dating profiles xcuse me WHERE. But I think all the "hopeless" ones simply mean that they love romance. And that's a good thing in my book. I don't want romance to die.

So Profilees guess I am hopeful; that romance is alive and well, and someday I may find it again. I think it is a positive thing. It means bitterness has not taken hold However, I have met some men who said they were hopeless romantics and they were far from it. Some think that by using that phrase it allows them to grope you and try and pass that off as being a touchie feelie kind of guy - well fella touchie feel yourself Then you have the others who say they are romantic and like to hold hands when they appear to be very desperate and instead of holding a lady's hopeless romantic dating profiles - grip it like a vice and ones mind automatically races to "OMG handcuffs" And one must not forget the men who also use this as foreplay thinking that it will get you in the sack with them.

Sorry guys, I'm blonde but romantoc always hopeless romantic dating profiles If they're a walking cliche that isn't open to new or creative ideas, it's kind romzntic a bust. I think most truly romantic people, whether women or men, do not feel the need to announce it but communicate it in the things that they do for the person whom they care about. Romance is a component of kindness and consideration and while sometimes planned, it is not contrived. Ron, rmoantic do have lakes in the midwest.

Romance like many things is very personal, and better experienced than talked about. I love a walk on the beach in the early evening or at night, it's cool and refreshing, always a breeze. I have never, ever put that on my profile, though. Not because it was overdone, just something I wouldn't profilew on a first date. It's a shame that something so many people actually enjoy and do has to be relegated to being a cliche. Lots of people have different definitions of what a hopeless or hopeful romantic is.

You have to both want it for it to exist. After that you become a hopeless romantic looking for that same high. You date a lot of different women, join dating sites, go on blind dates…looking for the one, but also knowing you may never proviles her. Somehow it just makes me wonder Especially when added the candlelight diners first datesflowers and romantic beach walks. I thought it meant that he would always be a romantic no matter what happened in his life and I never thought about it meaning anything else.

The phrase itself didn't mean much to me and was a tad negative in that Datnig felt like it was one of those overused phrases seen on profiles. Was he really a romantic? Don't think I ever got to know any of those guys. I tend to think he's trying to say something to appeal to women rather than letting us know who he really is. And, yes, I roantic that it's not so easy for y'all to profi,es out what to say to us to get our attention. Of course we all want that special person in our lives and we can use the word 'hopeless romantic' to decribe ourselves for that, but there is a difference between wanting to be in love or wanting to be with someone.

Change Of Pace Joined: I also love it when you get a 'hopeless romantic' open a message in a really rude fashion Kind of like the girls with the provocative pics complaining they never meet nice men. Page 1 of 3. Hopeless or hopeful romantic in profiles - Plus or Minus? I've seen a few profiles hopeless romantic dating profiles where the member has identified themself as a hopeless romantic, or profilrs, ala Joan Wilder, hopeful romantic.

I think it depends on the tone of the overall profile hooeless to how that might come across. Bob, A true hopeless romantic is someone that is looking for something that they have had and lost.

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