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Is there a way by serial number to date Ibanez Pedals?

Forum Active Topics Search Login Register. What does CP at the beginning of an Ibanez serial number would stand for? I just bought a used sr I'm aquainting myself with the instrument and wanted to get more information. I have been looking up its serial number. What I have found so far is that Ibanez post serial numbers contain the following information: C stands for the Cort factory in Korea - I think.

Then I have a August guitar with a seriaal number of But what about the P? Anyone know what CP at the beginning of an Ibanez serial number ibanez dating serial number stand for? User Profile View All Posts by User View Thanks. Seem to remember that the CP stood for Cort and another Cort plant IE: Could be just remembering it wrong, but this question has popped up before. Beginners Guide to Chord Theory Beginners Guide to Scales S Reviews Useful Diagrams.

So, the C probably stands for the Cort plant in Indonesia. Any idea what the P would stand for? Actually the stand alone "C" is the Cort plant in Korea. The "CP" is the Cort factory in Indonesia. So your bass is Indonesian and built in August What do you know about SR seriel 's? Trying to find the birthdate of my newly aquired axe. Korean speed dating in san diego county seriel C Any help would be appreiciated. Your guitar was made at the Cort Plant, Korea December Production Number: I've got a gem here.

This bass has no fret wear and no scratchs or dings. It is in true pristine shape. The rosewood drank up some oil pretty good so I figured it had to have some age to it but you ibaneez tell otherwise. Ibanez Website Ibanez Ibaenz Site Ibanez USA Official Facebook Ibanez USA Official Twitter. I only have my blackberry and it won't let me upload my photo.

Do you have a mobile site? It is a free site. Im in the same boat as Toshi I have an SRserial number CP Either way its a killer bass for the price! C im ibanez dating serial number it was made in july of ' Its been hard to find info on it. Hey can someone help me out. Ibanez dating serial number Grandpa died recently and he left me his bass. I've been trying to figure out what it is exactly. I already know it is an Ibanez. It is also a challenger. The serial number is F Any help is much appreciated.

I am about to purchase a ' ibanez sr, SDGR! The serial number is: I would like to know more about this low! Just scored a candy apple red with a maple fretboard RG The serial is C and is doesn't come up at the serial Data Project Website. I own 7 Ibanez guitars. All the serial 's come up except for this one. It's on its way to me. Can anybody assure me that this is a legit Ibanez rg Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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