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EXO, iKON, dating rumours?

iKON Kim Jin Hwan & AOA Jimin’s Past Dating Rumor Resurface

Kristin Mariano Oct 19, They say that the road to success is never smooth. This saying goes for every idol group in the Kpop scene. After training for years, they were subjected to survival programs. They lost the first one to Winner and, once again, put under pressure when YG Entertainment threatened to shuffle the members.

However, the hardship paid off. At last, the original six-member group added a new member and debuted mfmber this month. Below are the top six scandals membeer YG's new boy group, iKON. MNET exclusion - Ahead the group's official debut, iKON released a single "My Type" on Sept. However, this ikon member dating sm was snubbed by Mnet at the "M! Fans of the new male group as well as YG Entertainment became upset and complained to Mnet's unfair treatment of iKON.

Ikon member dating sm Entertainment CEO Sating Hyun Suk said that am is a group that will focus heavily on hip-hop, but it released a slow pop song. Dissing other idols - Netizens reacted that it includes disrespectful datlng for saying that other idol groups are unlike them and iko to cause "problems," according to Kpop-centric website Soompi. The lyrics say, "We're not picky. About the time and place for instance. Idols are problems these days.

Logo Plagiarism - iKON and YG Entertainment were recently called out for alleged plagiarism of the group's logo. Unknown Bike co Korea said that the logo similar to theirs. However, YG Next Creator responded that the logo was based on the Korean flag and was made in Augustaccording to All Kpop. Kim Jinhwan and AOA's Park Jimin - iKON's main vocal Kim Jinhwan was allegedly in a relationship with AOA's leader and rapper Park Jimin.

Ikon member dating sm rumor is fueled when the latter used a photo of Jinhwan's dog as profile picture in Line. Fans were worried at that time that it will affect the group's debut, but apparently did not. Do not reproduce without permission. Thursday, 15th, YG Entertainment debuts iKON Photo: Like Us on Facebook. News Value of Chinese Dwting Emerges Again as Sony Remakes 2 Russian Comedies for China Release. News Chinese Man Saves More than Zm from Jumping Off Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.

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