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She has recently shared her face via a short video. She was engaged to her fellow YouTuber KrismPro in December after dating for over a year, and they married each other in the last week of February Minx generally has a friendly and enjoyable personality which also has a dark side to it for example, she has said: In her videos with Krism, Minx tries to match Krism's bubbly personality.

She is also quite sneaky and has a tendency to stay quiet as the Traitor when playing Trouble is cryaotic dating minx real Terrorist Town. In these cases, the YouTubers she plays with often comment something like, "Minx is awfully quiet, isn't she? Minx has also been shown to have a temper. She has a low tolerance for trolls in her Twitch streams and has been known to briefly stop her streaming to reprimand people who try her patience.

She has often posted on Tumblr asking fanartists to make opening slides and thumbnails for her, and greatly respects their work. Minx and Krism currently live together in the UK and how do i hook up my philips soundbar a cockapoo puppy called Princess Chocolate Pretzel Nomkin the 1st according to this vlog.

On the 27th of FebruaryMinx posted a vlog on her channel stating that Krism and herself had gotten married earlier in the week. Boyinaband was one of the guests at their wedding; he has made five songs with Minx: Too Much Fun about TTTMurderTown of Salemand Hello Monsta ft. Markiplier about horror games in generaland Spectrum ft. They have all been published on Minx's channel, excluding Spectrum, which has been published to Dave's Boyinaband.

Minx has stated that she has major depression in multiple videos — including Depression and Dealing with Depression and a vlog with Dave, Minx and Dave Talk About Depression — although she often jokes about suicide when playing video games. She refers to herself as "an outspoken atheist" and has appeared on the Drunken Peasants Podcast twice. In one, she stated that the bible "has some really fucked up shit in it" and that she "doesn't like the idea of religion".

Minx has used drugs in the past, has stated that she has tripped on LSDand has commented on is cryaotic dating minx real negative effects of shrooms, based on personal experience. FANDOM Skip to Content Skip to Wiki Navigation Skip to Site Navigation. Games Movies TV Wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central Fandom University. Sign In Don't have an account? Recent Changes Wiki Rules Is cryaotic dating minx real Forum Help Contact About.

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Good Times from Late Night with Cry and Minx

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