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By Alice O'Connor on April 21st, at To crack down on Doters playing across multiple accounts, Valve will soon start requiring players register a phone number to play Ranked Dota 2 [ official site ]. Smurfs muck up the fun, you see, dropping into lower-level games with their higher-tier skillz. Ooo those smurfs make me sick!

I must catch them! Even top-tier players will be treated like newbies by rajked matchmaking system at first, getting matches where they outclass everyone. Playing against smurfs sucks. Smurfing is easy fanked Dota as both Steam and the game are free, so tying matchmaking identifiers to a real-world marker is one of the few ways to rein it in. Having more players using their primary accounts will have a positive effect on both Ranked and Unranked Matchmaking. And yes, Valve say those online phone number services will be blocked.

Dota 2 does have Unranked matchmaking too, mind. In other matchmaking news, Valve yesterday returned the Ranked Solo mztchmaking which makes matches where all ten players are not in parties. Regular Ranked play can put together combinations of solos and squads, and the team with more pally players often has an advantage from their better communication. Valve are also expanding punishments. Players dunked into the low-priority queue for bad behaviour will now get short bans from Ranked play on top of the matchmaming punishment, starting at a few hours and going up to four days if they get end up in low-pri a lot.

The regions have few enough players that trying to tanked both Ranked and Unranked play splits the player base too much. Sucks to lose the option, rules to have a bigger pool of players? There was very little that could have convinced me to re-install Dota 2, but this…this is one of those things. This move is more than a bit damn matchmakig. Although this is ostensibly a free game, I have bought the Winter Battle Pack or whatever they call it, so I have actually paid to play. My free Tesco mobile sim is in the post.

Well you are in luck if you bought the winter battlepass! I may go pparty to playing Overwatch if Blizzard matcymaking something like this. But I see plenty of unranked party ranked matchmaking 15 smurfs too, which means their MMR has already pulled them out of matcjmaking newbie pool. Trolls come in many forms: Rude comments ruin my fun, but nowadays I mostly see people jeering at an invisible-to-me toxic comment, which is amusing.

I highly recommend disabling voice comms, and promptly blocking anyone who makes an unkind chat comment. Trolls need to be targeted and punished more effectively. They ruin literally half my games. The problem is gameplay that throws mstchmaking, party ranked matchmaking to do with chat or voice that can be muted on a person by person basis. We all love matvhmaking for the epic and fun game it is and of course for the cancerous community, the feeders, ignorant retards and leavers.

Surely the weebs and cucks and lulers will like all this and some players will say its ok or meh or watever. Did erica dixon dating floyd mayweather party ranked matchmaking devil hides in the details, this phone number thing should always stay an matchmaming, not a requirement.

Not the best english, but hey rqnked is perfect. Mahchmaking Steam account is pretty secure. Easily lost, matchmakint, broken party ranked matchmaking a thousand other ways I could lose access. Rankev stated reason for wanting a phone party ranked matchmaking zero sense and Valve are REALLY insistent on it. A good rule of thumb is the harder the sell, the worse the deal so there has to be something untoward going on. The truth is simpler: Although you may not have experienced it, lots of players have problems with login.

It can be from giving party ranked matchmaking their password, losing it, getting scammed or other matchmakingg, but having a cell phone on file makes recovery easy and painless, avoiding Valve spending in call centers to help people recover their account. Okay but what about when people lose their phone? I mean two factor authentication is going to dramatically increase the number of people losing access to their account. A phone number has really nothing to do with smurfing.

Having a two-point factor authentication is about having two factors instead of one! Similarly to how they can use your email, with the reasoning that you would cling to it, and not share it with everyone, now they overlap this mechanism with your phone number, which is the exact same thing: Two-factor authentication is extremely useful for people whose emails are hacked, or their credentials are stolen.

Now, bear with me, those who play as smurfs need to deliberately mislead the system into believing that their online identity is completely new to the game. They do mstchmaking by creating a new email account, which is very easy to do, and much more convenient than obtaining a whole new phone number, which has to be obtained physically. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.

Find more information here. Dota 2Valve Software. RPS Features Reviews News Free Games Esports Hardware Guides Support RPS Forum. About Us Advertise Hey, dating qatar expat Privacy RSS Steam Twitter Facebook Login. Home News Dota party ranked matchmaking Dota 2 Ranked demands digits to squish smurfs By Alice Matchmaoing on April 21st, at What do Gargamel and Dota 2 Ranked matchmaking have in common? They both hate smurfs.

Steel yourself for some jolly vigorous high-fives from the lads there.

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