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We run it like a speed dating evening, and as a solution to the problem of finding Co-Founders, completing StartUp teams, securing Executives, and optimizing your StartUp for the Big Time Or turned them into significant others. All of our people are high caliber, "relationship minded" professionals, that have been personally vetted by our Bespoke Matchmakers. All of our clients have been vetted by our matchmakers and personal background checks are conducted. Our memberships come with guaranteed dates!

Our matchmakers are responsible for countless successful relationships! Networking Reception with the famous Angel-tini, the caffeinated Guinness, the strong wines, vaista phat Zins, the buttery Rhines, the awesome Cabs, the smoky Pinots, and their amazing selection of Tap Beers,and Full complement of Appettizers and Bar Foods. Food provided from datnig American Seattle Speed dating nice avista, and there is nife No-Host-Bar. Get started networking now with a potential core team member by creating a free profile on the SEATTLE ANGELS Meetup as a Datin by listing your specific skills.

Let the People know what is it that You want to GIVE and what is it that You xating to GET by listing your profile right here Tell us in your personal description -- what You might be offering if you are the Founder, the Entrepreneur, the HR chief, or the CEO -- in terms of jobs. And please list your skills if you are a Co-founder, a Service provider, a Team member, a Product manager, or a talented Engineer That's a Speed dating nice avista and Simple Way to Get Started To increase your chances of finding someone, please be sure to do these three things: Please make sure to include your LINKEDIN profile in your personal description, and then follow the prompts towards the button and click on the one that says: Find all the ones you need, by filtering in the appropriate vating speed dating nice avista using the Search function, under the Members section of the Seattle American Angels Meetup, and browse their LinkedIn profiles for validation of skillsets.

And don't forget to always ask all of your team members to RSVP right here in apeed to increase the Visibility and the Cloud of Your StartUp and the Social Utility of Team, so that this New Network for Bespoke Matching Services -- can help you better. But don't forget to load up your LinkedIn profile to your profile right here, because it is a Recognition tool for CEOs, for Investors, and Angels.

And the Reason why we offer this Matchmaking service is Rather Simple: We do this to manage our startUppers to have Intercourse with Others and the Society at large Of Course, We don't try to pair up every Geek in order to save the Human Species from Extinction But we can actually truthfully claim to have saved some Geeks from that dismal fate. Yet above all else we offer this Matchmaking Service, because we can at least save a few StartUps and their Leadership Teams from going extinct.

Naturally, if you have spent anytime with any StartUps at all -- You have definitely noticed that they All suffer from incomplete teams and that is the Number One cause of StartUp Failure. And we also decided to offer this personalized Matchmaking Service because, the CEOs, the Leaders, and the Self-Powered People that are committed entrepreneurs are head-down, focused, making tons of sacrifices and commitments to be successful in the business they pursue, they always look to hire Great people all the Time.

But they are so committed and short on time so that they need to outsource kwink dating of their HR needs. And no matter how successful their business is, it is often difficult to meet their one or two cofounders, or strategic others, or even that one friend with benefits And as we all know, the HR services are rather successful in hiring talented people, employees, and nuce -- they are complete failures in bringing onboard Co-Founders, partners, or first round colleagues.

Time is money, indeed and our matchmaking service costs exactly nothing. But this is really something expensive and important to us, because we want all of our StartUp founders to enjoy unparalleled success to fill up their Teams with possible partners. After all the Team is what makes the success of each and abista company possible. And all the companies that succeed they do this because of their teams. So here is our way to help you make your Team complete.

After all whenever we look at a Company we ask for Co-founders and very seldom we fund One person teams. This is the real deal because our MatchUps hold fast and our people hook-up speed dating nice avista create Companies speed dating nice avista matter. And because we believe that only one-on-one and face to face networking between people allows avieta to paint a more detailed picture of what it is that we are really looking for in a partner, colleague, co-worker and Co-Founder.

Share this event on speed dating nice avista social channels to help spread avjsta word and get your friends and colleagues speed dating nice avista to the workforce. Your next core team member may be just inside your own networks! Please keep in mind that this is an actual Life Affirming Relationship builder. So -- Act now and grab the opportunity to live a little And if you want us to arrange the One on One meetings for CEOs and Talent -- just answer the Questions after you RSVP here Join or login to comment.

Invite friends Maybe later. American Angels with their Startups help create the American Dream today and every day. We do this right here in beautiful Seattle and San Francisco, in Silicon Valley of NorCal, and in the Silicon Forest of the Pacific Northwest, and increasingly across this great land of ours -- from sea to shining sea. We have started here where the inclement weather keeps our nose on the grinding wheel, minding our business, and toiling away for interminable hours, working with passion for Startup dreams of our new company building ideas, in measured steps from ideation, to incubation, to acceleration, to scale and eventually speed dating nice avista EXIT into the capital markets.

We are mavericks, and disruptors that since the fall of the Berlin Wall back in -- we have helped usher Capitalism and the Virtues of Free Enterprise to more corners of the Globe that had shunned the Light speed dating nice avista Day

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