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Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Virgo and Libra compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Virgo man guide and Libra woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. Virgo man dating libra woman read a lot about how Virgo men and Libra women cannot make it, but I am a mentally mature Libra and the qualities that the Virgo man possesses strengthen my weaknesses.

I am a Libra woman who is dating a Virgo man. We get along great on an intellectual level and also the sexual energy is intense. Virgo men are very interesting indeed but way too closed off for a Libra lady like myself. I dated a Gemini and it was the best for me. This is a very tough combination as far as a long term relationship is concerned. Libra has a tendency to flirt around which is not liked by Virgo men.

To a certain extent they're poles apart from each other as far as money matters goes. Although both are terrific sexually. But, the understanding part is very much missing as far as a healthy relationship is concerned. I prefer a man who can do the job properly like a Leo! I like hanging around Virgo's but I prefer to stay friends with them I'm afraid Librans but Virgo's not work for me at all. Libra woman The times ive dated a Virgo guy I have gotten played by them.

Like there was one that I hanged out with and messed around, then next thing you know he invites me to a nightclub in which virgo man dating libra woman were suppose to hang out together and he ends up having his ex there. I asked him if we can dance and talk in private and he had the nerve to tell me to "lets talk outside" because his ex is there and virgo man dating libra woman doesn't wanna make her feel uncomfortable.

I was mad but I tried not to show it I just walked away. He never called me again after that. From what ive experienced with Virgos they keep things to themselves. They also paint you virgo man dating libra woman nice image of themselves and make themselves sound like they are reliable when they are not. Virgo man First, Hi and greetings! My name is Detrick Tyrone Gales. I am not here to fill in for Virgo males Ok all humor aside, to the celibate Libra woman Now to the Libra woman that has been done wrong by Virgos Yes that sucked that those guys were not honest but don't paint that picture for all Virgos or even guys in general, Not to brag but here he goes whenever I was in Virgo man dating libra woman relationship I would most definitely go out of my way virgo man dating libra woman do something for that person.

When I was in the navy I would drive from Washington to Oregon every weekend just to see my now ex wife. Or when I was dating this chick at 1: All this to say that not all Virgos are bad if they do something it usually is with an intention Look out for Virgos with a hint of Leo or Aries THOSE guys are dicks and really don't care if you care or not I am a Virgo with some Libra involved so I am very passionate with lots of compassion I sometimes come off as a dick though, but only because I would do something and feel I should not have to explain myself Im working on that!

Virgo men like their space as well, as do Libra females While in another situation Im talking to this other Libra female, but she never wants to do anything. Ive only seen her once and she gave me her number but she never texts or calls, we have a good conversation when we DO talk but after that I don't hear from her again. I know what Virgo guys like in a relationship but what the heck do Libra women want?! What should I do in these two situations? I want to cut it off with the first one without hurting her feelings, but I want the other one to just be honest with me that she doesn't want a relationship, but then Virgo man dating libra woman would she give me her number?!

I erased it the first time, because her friend told me she was dating virgo man dating libra woman other guy without telling me, I got it back because she said she wanted to talk to me Virgo male here, you can't let one Virgo's mean personality justify the meaning to all Virgo men. I have been with my Libra girlfriend for 1 year and I've learned that you just have to listen to her, let her make her decisions and support her choice. She has a unique fashion style and I love her make up styles.

We both enjoy beach walks and time together. I've taken psychology to better understand ourselves. Just be open and patient, trust worthy, affectionate. No yelling at her, and always give her re assurance with flowers or kisses be romantic. Don't be conceded or cocky. Hope this helps some Virgo men. Ive been involved with a Virgo man and he confused me.

I really liked him and we had magical sex. Libra woman here September 30 soo im a full blown Libra Lol uhm. Libra woman think that when a guy chills with them or calls or asks anything that has to do with them ie how are you? I always know I'm going to have a good time with my Virgo friends. I want to tell him that its not usual for me to want to be with 1 personbecause I my flirt.

I am a Libra woman Sept. I guess, because, Virgo man dating libra woman am also stricken by the Virgo male. Unfortunately, I am a clingy Libra woman. P Well, the reason for this is, I really like him. Once a Hookup tucson az woman really likes I mean, no crushes, flirts, etc. It's hard to understand and feel totally comfortable with someone when you're completely vulnerable to them.

I will share my personal experience with the Virgo male at another time. But, I know, the search for the right virgo man dating libra woman to a Libra woman stops at the Virgo man. Me and my Virgo guy have been going through a lot lately. That he just speaks to her to be "nice" but ALL the clues tell me he is. But I am not for the drama and I told him that. Lately, virgo man dating libra woman the past month or so. I have been giving him his 'space.

Being a Libra I will not push or press ANY kind of issue. Soo I haven't been speaking to him lately. So for the past couple of weeks he's been in contact with me. Just telling me that he misses me and seeing how I've been. Anything just to talk rhyl dating service me. And now I'm confused. I love him and I care for him SO much it scares virgo man dating libra woman because I usually don't fall in love.

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